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Ways to Be Energy Efficient and Green in College

One of the most difficult things about college is having to deal with everyday expenses that can build up quite fast. As our writers suggests, it may be a great idea to go green in college to save some money and help conserve resources:

What ecofriendly things can a college student do to help the environment? More than you might think, actually. The typical college student’s lifestyle can lead to quite a bit of waste, especially paper, so small steps to conserve and recycle can really add up! Here are some environmentally friendly tips for a greener college life.

Printer, paper, and notebook use

You can save by changing the way you use your printers, papers, and notebooks:

– Recycle everything, especially paper! Look for a paper recycle bin on campus– you might find one near a dormitory or large classroom building. And recycle other items as well, including cans, bottles, and cardboard boxes.

– Use your printer wisely. You can save paper by printing on both sides of the page. Use the high quality print setting for things that have to look nice, but use the low quality setting for things that don’t. This will save ink. While you’re at, consider cutting down on the things your print out.

– Use refillable binders instead of notebooks. This is a simple way to save waste. If you want to save your notes after the semester is over, take them out of the binder and staple them. Or you can go electronic and take all of your notes on a laptop.
By saving up on how you use your printers, papers, and notebooks, you’ll also be able to save up on money, since school materials can also take a cut out of your budget.

Other ways to save

We suggest a number of other ways to go green for campus life:

– Walk, bike, and limit your use of a car. Most campuses are very pedestrian friendly, and many college towns offer good public transportation and bike paths. Ask yourself if you really need a car as a college student, because if you can get by without one, you can save a good deal of money on gas, repairs, and overpriced student car insurance.

– Buy green. Buy recycled products whenever you can, especially paper. Buy environmentally safe cleaning products as well.
Using the bike when traveling around the campus is also one good way of keeping yourself in shape without having to visit the gym.

Tips on energy saving

Aside from the tips above, Ezinemark suggests energy saving through simplicity:

If you are living in a dorm room with a roommate and have separate TVs and/or refrigerators, attempt to consolidate and invest in one refrigerator. Label each of your items so that they are not confused and locate it in a common area for both of you to have access. Same goes with the television. From what I remember in college I hardly got to watch TV and one was definitely enough for me so there is no need to have a TV in each room. Again, use whichever TV and locate it in the common area so that both you and your roommate may enjoy it, as well as any guests you may have over.

Sharing things with your roommate will also help create a stronger bond between the two of you. You’ll also be able to learn more about each other.

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