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Dealing with Homesickness When Moving off for College

The only problem is you have to do it halfway across the country from your home, your family, and the places you grew up in. Here’s what College Degrees has to say on the issue:

So why is it that after getting settled into your new dorm and going to your first classes, you feel a sense of melancholy, and even great sadness? Homesickness is a common thing that a great number of first year college students experience with top essay writing service, but luckily, there are ways to quickly get over your homesick blues so that you can begin fully enjoying your college career.

Understanding the root of homesickness

TO get through homesickness, it’s important to first understand why we get homesick in the first place. College Degrees has a good explanation:

Most students experience homesickness because of the radical change of lifestyle that they go through during college, as well as the sudden loss of their old lifestyle. After all, many students spend nearly two decades living with their parents at home and cultivating a close group of friends, and then they are suddenly plopped into a new town where they may not know anyone and must fend for themselves. This change can be jarring, causing many first-year college students to experience a sense of homesickness, or a longing for the familiar.

You aren’t completely isolated

As College Degrees shares, you are never completely disconnected from your family:

Reaching out to your old family and friends from back home is another good way to combat homesickness. You can write them letters, send e-mails, or make phone calls, which can help to ease the stress you feel from abruptly having to leave them behind.
Share how you feel, but remember not to rely too much on your communications with your hometown family and friends, because you also need to make headway into your new life.

Stay busy

A last bit of advice from College Fashion is usually a great way to get through the homesick blues:

Once you’ve acknowledged how you feel, and have re-connected with home, it’s time to get out there and get your mind off things. Getting involved, breaking out of your shell, and keeping busy is the best cure for homesickness out there-it worked for me at sleep-away camp when I was 8, and it worked for me freshmen year when I was 18, too.

Schoolwork is a great way to keep busy, but don’t limit yourself to just that. Find things that are fun to make sure you’re enjoying your time away, not just suffering through it. Going to lunch with classmates, renting a movie with your girls, or heading to the clubs for a night of dancing are all totally acceptable and encouraged ways to get over your homesickness slump.

Aside from helping you deal with homesickness, keeping yourself busy with activities is also a good way to form new friendships in college.

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